We provide clean, safe, and reliable water sources for families in sub-Saharan Africa


When students are freed from gathering water, they return to class. With proper and safe latrines, girls stay in school through their teenage years.


Access to water leads to food security. With less crop loss, hunger is reduced. Schools can feed students with gardens, reducing costs.


Time lost to water sickness is greatly reduced and people can get back to the work of lifting themselves out of poverty.


Access to water can break the cycle of poverty. The communities we serve are ready to grow. We can’t wait to see how they choose to do it.


Every family deserves a reliable,clean and safe water source

We’re taking a bold step toward provable, reliable water. When a pump breaks down, or a tank runs dry, we want it fixed, regardless of whether a community is accustomed to the latest failure.

For all of our work, past and present, we’re employing new monitoring technology, training maintenance teams, and setting aside repair funding to resolve problems! We will not accept failing projects as the norm.

Finding water is a constant challenge for young girls, moms and sons. With a charitable donation today, you can lift this burden

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You Can Make A Difference

When you support Safe Water Source, you unlock access to real people, both here at our headquarters and via our work in the field. Every gift is directly connected to a community. 

Help us end the water crisis and restore hope. Together we’ll provide access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Projects

Support Local Solutions

We work hard to make sure that a community’s needs are always considered first. Local partners in the field help ensure that happens. With your support, we are able to provide funds to various project types, so that the partners we trust are free to make the best possible decisions.

People are at the center of everything we do. With your support, we are able to meet the tangible needs of families and create local jobs. 

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Safe Water Source Projects

To ensure that impact lasts, we also believe in monitoring all our projects, new and old, to make sure they are still functioning properly. We believe water flowing today should still be flowing in the future.

To see all our projects and there current functionality check out our Project Directory.

“The population of Ewamakhumbi primary school has increased from 1,161 to 1,400 because of the facilities that were constructed in the school. Sanitation has also been improved.”

Ewamakhumbi Primary School

“Since the protection of the Chemase Spring, people living in this community are not the same. Their compounds are very clean, and they wash their hands after visiting latrines.”

Robert Chemase Spring

“We are happy our pupils no longer carry water from their homes to school as it was before. They are now accessing safe, clean drinking water which can also be used for cleaning on a regular basis.”

Rosterman Primary School
Kiryondongo District

Join us. Help Us Provide Safe Water To Those In Need

Our Awesome Team

Together with our supporters, we’re just trying to be good neighbors by lending a hand to people we know can change the world.

Peter Chasse

President & Founder

Peter founded The Water Project in 2006 with a committed group of students in Saint John, NB, Canada where he was serving as a Pastor. Together they set out to complete one water project after hearing of a specific need in Kenya.

Stan Patyrak

VP of Strategy & Development

Stan’s put in good time within the water sector (9 years), and has had the chance to travel extensively (14 countries) to see the impact and challenges of water and sanitation programs.

Spencer Bogle

Marketing Director

Spencer lived and worked in the Busoga region of Uganda for 6 years, where he developed a local water, sanitation, and hygiene program.

Tess Crick

Creative Director 

Tess leads our Development team, and works with fundraisers and supporters like you to connect you with the stories of the people we serve, and with one another.

783 Million






Changing The World

With your donation, we are able to fund local teams to assist communities with basic maintenance of their wells as they build up a financial reserve of their own to cover these expenses.


We are always looking for new volunteers to help us spread the message and awareness of the water crisis. If you want to contribute your time to the Safe Water Source cause, get in touch with us below: